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Welcome to Life Radio International.

We are a 24/7 radio channel bringing life's emotional issues into perspective and meaning.

Hello, I’m John Rushton “Emotions Expert ” and welcome to ‘LIFE RADIO INTERNATIONAL’ which has been set up in response to the large amounts of mail received from people all over the world looking to find both clarity and meaning to aspects of life, namely their emotional issues.

This channel aims to dispel myths and staid views about why we go wrong in life, coupled with down to earth information and alternative views. I hope you will join me and let me know what’s troubling you in what areas of life (specifically emotions) and the most popular topics will be aired on line, although we will look at all subjects regardless. Looking forward to you joining me soon.

Kind regards – John Rushton, “Emotions Expert ”™.

The delivery of all of our programmes is uplifting

Even if the subject is delicate. Life is for living and every emotion needs to fit well within our thought process otherwise we will forever be dull and wrapped up in our own thoughts.

Our whole life lives within our mind. The past, the present and the future, let’s together make it a fun and enjoyable experience stepping out to tomorrow.

Enjoy LIFE RADIO INTERNATIONAL it’s broadcast with YOU in mind.

What we’re talking about this month: 

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You can listen to us wherever you go via our Life Radio International app, TuneIn, on our website and on Google and Alexa by saying ‘Play Life Radio International.

You can also explore more topics discussed in The Emotions Expert YouTube Channel. A showcase of some of the videos can be played below: