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Our presenters

John Rushton ‘Emotions Expert’

John enjoys lecturing throughout the UK and Europe as well as in America where his English style is thought of as zany and refreshing. His focus on happiness always keeps him well in demand from both Corporate clients as well as organisations and individuals alike and he is constantly writing articles on the subject for publication in newspapers and magazines all over the world.

He is a Christian, enjoys cooking, entertaining, fine wines, travelling, swimming, gardening and anything science fiction. He has a pilot’s license and was once a martial art master.

John is the main speaker on Life Radio International. You’re welcome to get in touch with any questions you have for him.

Phil Ray

Phil is a keen local and national radio broadcaster from the West Midlands, UK and also works in programming and technical services.

He is also interested in what goes on in the World around us and why people do certain things and this is why it makes sense that John answers those all important questions.

Phil feels that having a good attitude towards life is very important in order to get on with people in both working and social relationships